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Sukhyung, Kang focuses on 'painting' itself. His work is faithful to his instincts, and it does not rely on a conceptual understanding of aesthetics or other explanation. Using oil paints and spray paint, the artist fills the canvas with abstract forms whose lines emphasize spontaneity through the speed and rhythm of his brushstrokes. The act of painting remains visible in the final works. Rather than relying on meaning imbued in the individual elements of the work, the paintings rely on the holistic experience of the viewer and the inherent power of image to stimulate intuitive sensibilities and associations. The artist emphasizes the qualities inherent to the medium such as color, line and form.

The text we read and write it starts with the lines. And we see that images from the lines, we learn and communicate each other. Hand a crayon to an infant, still without a fully developed sense of self, and it will repeatedly draw lines. Likewise, the artist understands the lines in his works to be the purest and simplest. Through the line, the artist also uses painting that capable of performing arts. The line is easy to read, and it has expressive power that the audience can imagine how the artist painted it. The traces of scratched lines and scraped out that repeated acts in his paintings are showing his situation and position at the same time of contemporary art today.

​작가는 '그리기' 자체에 중점을 둔다. 미학적 개념이나 설명이 필요한 것이 아닌 그리기 본능에 추실한 작업이다. 물감과 스프레이를 사용한 선과 면은 속도감과 리듬감으로 캔버스를 채운다. 즉흥성이 강조된 화면에는 추상적 이미지와 특정할 수 없는 형상들이 나타난다. 완성된 작품은 그리는 행위에 대한 가시적인 결과로, 각 요소에서 특별한 의미를 찾는 것보다 이미지 그 자체로 받아들이는 것이 중요하다. 직관적인 감상은 보는 이의 감성을 자극하고 내제한 본능의 문을 열게 하는 힘이 있다. 그의 작업은, 그리고 그가 원하는 것은 그리는 행위의 결과인 색, 선, 면에 대한 직관적인 감상이다.

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